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The purpose of this important roadway job is to improve driver safety. This will be achieved by;

  • Reconstruction of the center median and right shoulders along with resurfacing of the highway mainline and ramps at Interchanges 16 and 17.

  • Median will be reconstructed consistent with other stretches of I-95 to provide a 6-foot-wide capped concrete barrier section.

  • Wider left and right shoulders where possible.

  • Improve drainage by replacing and re-routing drainage structures

  • Replacement of the existing highway illumination system

  • Install new realigned Incident Management System (IMS)

  • Install new guide rail

  • Utilize wet retroreflective pavement markings to provide increased visibility of pavement markings in wet conditions

Additionally, several bridges along the corridor will have repairs and specifically, the I-95 over Route 33 (Saugatuck Avenue) will be replaced. A synopsis of the anticipated bridge improvements include;

  • The bridge reconstruction of I-95 over Saugatuck Ave. (Route 33/136) will be replaced, utilizing an Accelerated Bridge Construction Methods called Lateral Slide, which minimizes the disruption to I-95 commuters.

  • The I-95 over Franklin Street and I-95 over Saugatuck River bridges will have concrete deck repairs, the replacement of expansion joints and installation of new standpipes

  • A portion of the structure will be replaced over a weekend, in which 2 lanes of traffic will be provided in each direction.

Other improvements will include the expansion of the Hendricks Ave Park and Ride commuter lot, improved stormwater quality treatment, utility relocation, I-95 NB Exit 16 on-ramp extension and the extension of the Yankee Doodle Trail.

Traffic will be maintained at all times during the six stages of construction to minimize disruptions to the traveling public.